Jul. 1st, 2009

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I just went to see My Sister's Keeper on monday with a group of friends. I've never seen a movie that touched me like this one did, it was crushing, parts of it were hard to watch. But it showed that even in the grips of great tragedy, there are moments of joy and hope.

I loved every moment of it, it just felt so real, the movie drew you in and made you feel like you were connected to the characters, so when something went wrong, you felt genuinely upset. I can admit that i cry relatively easy compared to most people, i'm perfectly fine with showing my emotions, i'm not at all emotionally constipated. 

One of the friends i went with had read the book and was upset that the movie ending is different than the book ending. She explained the book ending to me, and i can honestly say that the movie ending is much better, in fact, i probably would have hated the movie if it ended like the book. 

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm not sure if I should include every time that i stay up until about 5 am, or the times that dawn is not only breaking, but has arrived as i get in bed, so i'm going to go with the last time I just never went to sleep, and spent a good 48 hours awake. 

It was last summer, and I had just discovered Torchwood, which, if you don't know, is a BBC show about a secret agency that basically, in bare bones terms deals with aliens, and other stuff like time travel. It's frankly kinda addictive. I had stumbled across some fanfiction for in, and then checked out the wiki page. 

Of course then i jumped to youtube, which is frankly where it all went down hill. One episode quickly became 5 episodes (each an hour long). By the time the birds were chirping outside my window I had watched the episode with the cannibals, and was really to disturbed to even consider sleep. So i did what any other person would do, I watched another episode in order to try and erase the GRAPHIC horror of the last episode. 

Which turned into watching the entire first season in about 24 hours.  

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